July - September 2016

SCM Q1 Report - 2016_2017

Tenders Awarded - Q1 - 2016-17

Construction of 8 room block at Transido

Supply and Erect Fencing at Municipal Pound 2016-17

Supply Delivery  Erect Bins 2016-17

Supply and Erect Fencing at Library and Indoor Sport Centre 2016-17

Supply and Delivery of Furniture 2016-17

Renovations and Erect of Concrete Palisade Fencing for Nkondlo Stadium 2016-17

Professional Engineering Services for Upgrading of Ngcobo Sports Field 2016-17

Paving at Clarkebury 2016-17

Environment  Impact Assessment for Adventure Trail 2016-17

Construction of Two Borehole Drilling for Zabasa  2016-17

Construction of Change Rooms and Ablution Facilities for Workshop 2016-17

VAT Contigency Review for Engcobo Local Municipality 2016-17

Supply and Delivery of Two Municipal Vehicles 2016-17

Supply  Delivery of Heroes Park Guard House 2016-17

Proposals for a Business Plan for Adventure Trail 2016-17

Paving at Heroes Park 2016-17

Feasibility Study and Business Plan 2016-17

Drilling of Borehole at Heroes Park 2016-17

Construction of Toilets for Goso Charcoal 2016-17

Erratum for Landfill Site

Supply and Delivery of Promotional Material  Event 2  2016-17

Supply and Delivery of Diesel Trailer - Bowser -2016-17

Bid Notice - Supply and Delivery Tenders B2

Supply and Delivery Protective Clothing  2016-17

Supply and Delivery of Roadblock Trailer   2016-17

Supply and Delivery of Refuse Compactor 2016-17

Supply and Delivery of Laptops and Desktop 2016-17

Supply and Delivery of GIS Equipment  2016-17

Supply and Delivery of 2 Containers 2016-17

Renovations for Landfill Site Offices 2016-17

Proposal for Development of Marketing Material 2016-17

Landscaping Plan for Engcobo Town Entrance - Erratum

Supply-Delivery and Installation of a Weighbridge  2016-17

Supply and Delivery of 1 Server  2016-17

Selling Recyclables 2016-17

Re - Supply and Erect of Concrete Palisade Fencing  2016-17

Engcobo of Electrification of Ngxebe Ngqaba and Chibini Villages 2016-17

Engcobo of Electrification of Bombotho Ntabomvu 2016-17

Development of a Landscaping Plan 2016-17

Bid Notice - Supply  Delivery Tenders

Tender Advert for Provision for Legal Service for Engcobo Local Municipality  2016-17

Tender Advert for Service Provider to Co-ordinate Cultural Events  2016-17

Tender Advert for Training Services   2016-17

Tender Advert - Cwecweni - Jojweni Access Road

Tender Advert - Gubenxa - Zikonxa Access Road

Tender Advert - Hiring of Machinery

Tender Advert - Installation of New Supply Cable from the Main Distribution Box to the Offices and Sub-DB to Offices

Tender Advert - Lower Gqaga Access Road

Tender Advert - Mgwalana Access Road

Tender Advert - Professional Services for Extension 11 Bridge and Access Road

Tender Advert - Professional Services for Yawa Bridge

Tender Advert - Qhutubeni Access Road

Tender Advert - Sentube Access Road

Tender Advert - Supply and Placing of Asphalt

Tender Advert - Tipping Access Road