Chief Financial Officer: Mr. M. Matomane


  • Budget management
  • Revenue management
  • Expenditure management
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset management


  • To ensure that all the service delivery objectives of the municipality as outlined in the IDP document are properly budgeted for and the budget is cash backed. To also ensure that budget is compliant with the applicable legislation

  • To ensure that all revenue that is due to the Municipality is collected, efficiently managed to ensure long term financial sustainability of the Municipal

  • To ensure that the municipal procurement is done through an efficient competitive manner that realises value for money.

  • To ensure that all municipal creditors are paid on time, within the applicable legal parameters in order to ensure that they remain willing to do business with the Municipality. This also deals with payroll administration to ensure that the workforce of the municipality is rewarded accordingly for work done every month so as to maintain proper productivity levels.

  • To ensure safe-keeping and proper utilisation of municipal assets

Mr Thabatha Songca: Acting Manager Community Services


  • Waste management
  • Traffic and law enforcement
  • Disaster management
  • Community amenities


  • Solid waste disposal and landfill sites management
  • To provide learners and driver’s license service
  • To provide vehicle roadworthy service
  • Pound services
  • To Provide Law Enforcement Services
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • To provide adequate support on HIV /AIDS to all people
  • Maintained and clean municipal amenities
  • To provide Sound administration and maintenance of library



Cooperate Services Manager: Miss Vuyiseka Mviko


  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Information Technology


  • To Provide effective and efficient support to Council & Staff
  • provision and management of human  resources building institutional capacity,promoting sound labour relations and
  • Ensure employment equity in the workplace
  • Provide effective and efficient support to Council & Staff
  • To ensure that policies are reviewed, by laws are developed

technical services







Technical Services Manager: Mr C. Obose


  • Roads and storm water
  • Water
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Sanitation
  • Housing
  • Electricity 


  • To ensure sufficient road networking
  • To ensure proper development of townships
  • Formalisation of peri-urban settlement
  • To improve the livelihoods of people
  • To ensure that there is social facilitation for housing and housing consumer education
  • To ensure that all municipal buildings are well maintained
  • To ensure that at least 80% of households have access to electricity
  • To provide effective budgeting and expenditure control systems and practices based on legislation and best practice
  • To ensure that revenue is collected by introducing strategies and mechanisms
  • To ensure the preparation and submission of financial reports for grants funding on behalf of the municipality
  • To ensure that there is smooth departmental administration.