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State of the Municipal Address presented by the Hon. Mayor Cllr Lamla Jiyose at the council on the 29/05/2012

Hon. Speaker

Hon. Chief Whip

Hon. Executive Committee Members

Hon. Councillors

Your worship the traditional leaders, business fraternity

The Council of Churches.

Ward Committees, Sector departments, our special guests, students, The Municipal manager


Media and Community at large

Today as we gather here in this Hall, we remember our fallen heroes and heroines of Engcobo who laid down their lives for the freedom, equality and betterment of the lives of the people of Engcobo. Beginning of this month of May we were busy as this Municipality preparing for the Centenary Celebrations. We indeed felt so honoured and felt very happy to be practically part of these celebrations. The Chris Hani region has worked and corporate well with us as they were the custodians of the program.

We thank the regional movement leadership, the Mayor, Cllr Kayo, the speaker, Cllr Makanda, the Chief whip, Mayoral committee and entire Chris Hani District Municipality Council for their selflessness and dedication in making sure that the whole program was a historic success.

We convey our thank to all stakeholders, the chiefs, business sector, council of churches, political organisations, government departments and structures of civil society for your tireless efforts and contributions in that program. The level of your enthusiasm was very high. As this was for the first time ever to host such a historic activity, you owned it. Such activities also rekindled our patriotism and our sense of responsible citizenship.

Next month by June, on the entire country will be celebrating the life and service rendered by the Son of Engcobo Dr A.B. Xuma. We need to boast and shout all over about this , but as we do that we also have to safe guard the freedom that was fought for, by leaders of A.B. Xuma’s Calibre.

Ten months ago, in August 2011 we as this council adopted an IDP/Budget process plan and frame work which outlined the process we were to follow in developing a credible community based IDP for the next 5 years. In early October 2012, we organised and ran an IDP workshop at Silindini for Councillors so that they all know about the IDP as the strategic document of the Municipality for service delivery.

We then went for Municipal Lekgotla where we evaluated and analysed all what had been done by the Municipality. We had a close look at our internal system of operation where we identified some gaps and crafted possible remedies to challenges faced.

During October/November 2012 we had our first round of our community outreach having held IDP rep forum meetings. We visited the entire ward and left them with a mammoth task of compiling a ward profile in each reflecting among others, demographics, services available and their conditions, and their prioritised needs. That information was brought back, collected and validated.

Prioritisation process was done in mid March 2012; we had our strategic planning workshop with an aim to craft the mission, vision, values and our 5 years smart objectives.

End of March 2012 we converged in the council meeting to adopt the draft of IDP document.

For maximum public participation we wanted to make sure that our entire community takes part and comment on the draft of IDP, we went for the last round of IDP roads seeking their views so that when we come today for the final adoption, they are considered.

Our provision of transport for these roads shows has enabled the people from the far corners of vast wards to converge in large number. I thank you all for your contributions in making sure that, this; our document is a product of a consultative process. I therefore present to you this credible document by virtue of its making. Following is a summary of our IDP.